About Rampelys


Rampelys – translate to Limelight – is a cultural center in the center of Silkeborg – owned by Silkeborg Municipality, which rents out the building free of charge, excl. consumption taxes for the Association Kulturhuset Rampelys.

Please do not send management / booking request to any Rampelys email address. Please direct these offers to our members.


Our address:
Bindslevs Plads 6
DK-8600 Silkeborg

CVR: 30 03 87 89
E: info@rampelys.dk
W: rampelys.dk

Rampelys – The event room

The 1st floor contains a very cozy room with a live stage, cafe tables and a bar area. The room is approved for max. 250 people.

The event room is used by the house’s associated associations. They primarily organize rhythmic music within all genres.

2nd floor

The house also has an apartment on the 2nd floor. This is used as an office and meeting room for the associated associations in Rampelys. As well as for musicians’ rooms during events. The associations pay a price-adjusted rent per event to the Association Rampelys.

La Casita

The ground floor is leased by the Mexican restaurant La Casita, which is operated on commercial terms.

Voluntary work

Apart from the restaurant, the house is run entirely by volunteers. There, with great commitment, the house works to the delight of Rampelys and the house’s guests. The volunteer staff is the mainstay of Rampelys’ operation. Without them, it would not be possible to maintain a high level of activity with a large and varied program.

The volunteers are organized in different member associations. They are making the events at Rampelys. You can find an overview over Rampelys members here.

About the Association Rampelys

Today, the association’s highest authority is the general meeting, which is held every year.

The association is managed by a board consisting of five people who are elected at the general meeting for a two-year period.

The board must not organize concerts, but is responsible for the house’s daily operation and maintenance as well as the budget.

The board is also responsible for marketing the Kulturhuset Rampelys and thereby generating sponsorship income for the house’s operation.

New initiatives:

in 2023 Rampelys will be accessible to wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties. Since we are finally starting the construction of our lift, and expanding the toilet facilities with a disabled toilet.