Rampelys’ members

Rampelys’ members

Rampelys’ members and their volunteers. They are the ones who make everything work at Rampelys. Find out more about the associations and their events at Rampelys.

Click on the association links or logo below to see more about the individual association. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you want to send a message to a Rampelys’ member association.

All our member associations are based on voluntary work. And based on a deep love for live music in all its genres. And the profit generated at the associations’ concerts is returned to the voluntary cultural life in Silkeborg.

Become a member

Rampelys’ encourages all our guests to join one/several of Rampelys’ member associations. In that way you will to support the local music scene and obtain membership benefits. You can read more about the associations below.



  • The association’s name is “B’Sharp”, Silkeborg Rhythm & Blues Association. Its home is Silkeborg municipality.
  • The purpose of the association is to spread knowledge of and understanding of Rhythm & Blues music among citizens of Silkeborg municipality and the Central Jutland region, through holding concerts etc. in Silkeborg municipality.
  • The association must make the activities accessible and attractive to any interested audience through relevant information to the public.
  • The association must work to promote Rhythm & Blues music both locally and nationally.


Frokostjazzen Silkeborg

  • Frokostjazzen Silkeborg organizes Saturdays from mid-September to mid-April jazz at 12:00-14:30 in Kedelhuset.
  • A wide range of jazz genres is presented, however, with the main emphasis on classical jazz.
  • The activities must in principle be based on non-commercial principles, as a possible profits from the activities must be used within the purpose clause’s provisions.
  • The association must work to promote cultural cooperation at local level.
  • The association must make the activities accessible and attractive to the widest possible audience through relevant information to the public.



  • HverdagsLive is an association that primarily deals with showcase concerts.



  • Lydpotten was founded in 1988 under the name Rytmisk Musikforening and has the main purpose of promoting the spread of rhythmic music for young and old through the operation of practice rooms, organizing concerts, courses and workshops and working to increase support for the rhythmic music environment.
  • Lydpotten is run with the help of voluntary work on the part of the members, but the association has, however, employed a music consultant to take care of the administrative work.



  • The Association for the Promotion of Music in Silkeborg (Muff#)
    • The event: Lige På og Rå – Music’s meeting place
      • a playpen
      • a playground
      • an experimentarium
  • It is the place where music people meet, contacts are made and the music community is cultivated.



  • MusikRampen was founded on 3 December 2012. The purpose of the association is to stand for events of a very varying nature – primarily musical events aimed at a wide audience. Musically, the style is primarily Danish pop/rock
  • The members of MusikRampen elect a board at the annual general meeting. The association’s statutes can be downloaded here
  • The association is run by voluntary Labour.


Riverboat Jazz Festival

  • Since the Riverboat Jazz Festival started in 1966 with three small passenger boats that sailed on a 2-hour voyage up the Gudenåen, the festival has grown into an event that fills both in quality and scope.
  • From approx. 30 orchestras/soloists in 1986, the number of orchestras has grown year by year to 70-80, which perform for 40,000-50,000 people over the four days the festival now lasts.
  • The Riverboat Jazz Festival is estimated to be the largest Scandinavian festival in terms of New Orleans, Dixieland and swing jazz music, the so-called classic jazz.


Silkeborg Folk Club

  • Silkeborg Folk Club would like to focus on folk music in and from the Silkeborg area.
  • All interested parties are welcome to participate – musicians and listeners.


Silkeborg Jazzklub

  • Silkeborg Jazzklub aims to spread knowledge of jazz and to promote interest in jazz by holding various types of jazz music events
  • It is currently happening in that the jazz club organizes summer jazz on Silkeborg Square every Saturday during the summer months.
  • Every year there is a Christmas jazz event which takes place in the week between Christmas and New Year


Silkeborg Kulturformidling

The purpose of the association is to convey diverse culture of all kinds; music, theatre, lectures, stand-up comedy, poetry, art, multimedia etc.



  • The music arranger’s association Upcome is founded on young people’s desire for a varied range of options when looking for musical events as a concert audience in Silkeborg.
  • Upcome’s events will thus present amateur bands, who often would not otherwise visit Silkeborg’s stage, and whose music exhibits creativity and quality.
  • All kinds of different music, promotion of music, cool concerts, music audiences, edge, creativity, happy people, hanging out in the bar, rolling home -stiff- with a mate on the arm, a beer in the other hand, while talking about the cool concert you just saw, and much more…